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Trust Orchestration

Spot trends and eliminate threats in real-time with Case Manager

So, you have built your customer onboarding, risk, and AML monitoring workflows. But how do you spot trends over time and investigate individual cases? Boost the visual control of your compliance team with a real-time fraud and risk case management system.


  • Gain visibility

    Spot risks in real-time with customisable filters.

  • Build custom reports

    Build custom reports that fit your organisations' compliance needs.

  • Save time

    Jump-start your compliance process with bespoke policies and customisable actions.

Lack of grip on your workflow data

Many regulated companies struggle with analysing the output of their workflows:

  • How do you investigate individual cases?
  • How do you determine trends?
  • How do you slice and dice the data for efficient case reviewing?
  • How do you detect performance blockers?

Building a tool to perform these actions requires time, money, and lots of coding capacity.

Say goodbye to tedious case lists

Case Manager is a fraud management system built on top of RiskFlow Orchestration. Any flags in your workflow process are identified immediately, making risk analysis more straightforward and efficient. Spot fraud attempts, determine trends, and eliminate performance blockers.

Case Manager can be accessed by a single user or set up for teams, depending on your organisational structure. Our experts will guide you on the best setup for your specific goals based on best practices.

  • Live data from your RiskFlow Orchestration is streamed into Case Manager, allowing you to stop sophisticated attacks at the earliest opportunity.

  • Set rules and parameters for (high-risk) cases to be flagged and reviewed automatically. Configure your prioritisation lists of the cases you want to check first. Create visual representations of high-risk areas so you can focus on the cases that are likely to be the greatest.

  • Set pre-defined or custom filters and apply multiple filters simultaneously for detailed analysis.

  • Easily analyse trends or slice and dice the data to efficiently prioritise and execute case reviews. Set rules and parameters for the cases you wish to flag and examine.

See Case Manager in action

Get a brief introduction to Case Manager from our expert Andy Lee:

See it, stop it – review individual cases

Case Manager provides a detailed overview of individual cases enabling your agents to make informed decisions:

  • Zoom in on a single case and obtain all relevant information captured during a single flow.
  • Clear overview: expand and collapse columns, drill down if required.
  • Colour coding guides the agent in knowing which information must be reviewed.
  • PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is masked from view but available on request by role-based access control.
  • Decision management: accept, reject, and escalate cases with reason codes.