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Trust Orchestration

Spot suspicious transactions – and prevent shady business

Knowing Your Customer is not purely about sign-up and KYC at first time interaction, but rather knowing them throughout their entire digital life cycle. When you perform real-time AML Transaction Monitoring, you can identify, track and act on customer behaviour, all on a single platform.


  • Visualise your transaction workflow

    Create a control centre for your fraud and risk teams.

  • Track suspicious behaviour in real-time

    Identify AML and fraud transactions at the earliest possible opportunity.

  • Remove isolated data silos, avoid redundancy and save money

    Profile AML, fraud and affordability in a single integrated platform.

The delicate matter of AML compliance

  • How to spot suspicious behaviour?
  • How to enhance your AML processes and reduce customer friction?
  • How to manage cross-border and multi-jurisdictional AML?
  • How to automate your transaction monitoring?
  • How to handle continuous monitoring?

Key is to build reliable and automated workflows, monitor the transactions and spot anything out of the ordinary.

Identify the needles in the haystack

Set and manage rules and parameters, focus on identifying and reviewing the “needles in the haystack” – customer cases that might be problematic. Assert tolerance levels to the broader customer base through the use of additional rich data and advanced algorithms:

  • The system “learns” customers behaviours. Genuine customers are less likely to be marked for review.
  • Watchlist/blacklist and whitelist your customers.
  • Escalate cases to Management and AML Reporting Officer.
  • Stream data into the Case Manager for real-time insights.

Risk-based monitoring – on offer

  • Ability to consume all transactional data, such as deposit, risk group and more.
  • Extensive rules library made available to select and deploy within target workflow.
  • Leverage “funds flow” as a mean to determine AML and RG (RiskGrades) risk for a client’s risk across its entire portfolio.
  • Customer transactions can be placed in “buckets of risk” for subsequent actions.
  • Customise risk thresholds and triggers automated actions.
  • Result is sent as light touch payload or full.

The expert team from Signicat will guide you through the different options, rules and how to get the most out of the service. Once deployed, rules can be adjusted and modified, yet the Signicat team continues to work with you on optimisation.