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MySignicat user-friendly self-service portal

MySignicat offers a user-friendly self-service environment for managing our Identity Broker and CIAM solution. Allow your customers to log in with iDIN or eHerkenning? Link a new application? MySignicat makes it child’s play.

  • Do it yourself

    In complete control - change settings and configure new connections without outside help.

  • Simple user interface

    Activate all the buttons: A user-friendly user interface (UI) is essential for a self-service portal.

  • Rely on hard data

    Which eIDs do your users log in with the most? MySignicat provides valuable user statistics.

Take control with MySignicat

Our Identity Broker and CIAM solution can be easily 'managed' via MySignicat. A central self-service portal where you handle all settings and configure new identity or service providers. This intuitive environment makes linking eIDs and applications easier than ever before.

More information about the Signicat Identity Broker

Pure simplicity

Lots of space for self-service doesn’t make managing the settings easy. The key to success is a simple user interface. The user experience (UX) of MySignicat is continuously optimised through user testing.

Rely on more than gut feeling

Through MySignicat, you get valuable insights about the use of the connected eIDs/identity providers (IDPs) and applications/service providers (SPs). You can also easily compare these metrics to determine what works best for your organisation.  

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  • Experience the convenience of MySignicat

    • User-friendly self-service portal
    • Optimized UX
    • Insightful statistics
    • Truly unique