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Signicat Identity Broker

Identity Solutions for Salesforce

The Signicat Identity Solutions app enables organisations that make use of Salesforce cloud environments to identify their users with international verified electronic identities. These trusted identification methods like DigiD, iDIN and eHerkenning offer a high level of identity assurance without compromising on user experience.


  • Trusted electronic IDs

    Identify and authenticate users with electronic IDs that provide verified identity information.

  • Save time

    Fast and easy no-code implementation of verified electronic IDs through a single point of integration.

  • High Identity Assurance

    Verified electronic ID’s offer more certainty about who your organisation is dealing with.

Digital identity solutions for your Salesforce environment

With the Signicat Identity Solutions app, you can securely identify millions of users with verified electronic identities (eIDs). Offer your customers, users, or clients a secure login and easy registration to your Salesforce environment with an eID method of choice. Electronic IDs are issued by the government (such as the Dutch DigiD) or private banks (such as the Norwegian BankID). They provide verified user information, a high level of identity assurance, and can be used to comply with regulatory requirements such as AML/KYC or eIDAS. On top of that, these digital identification methods are highly trusted and familiar to end-users. Creating another username and password is no longer needed to access your online services.

But how do I connect these eIDs?

The app provides a fast, no-code implementation through a single point of integration. We have standardized the integration with various eID providers and normalized the output. As a result, you can set up an eID connection much easier and up to 95% faster. Instead of dealing with individual eID providers, their technology, and their characteristics, Signicat is your single point of contact and contract. One connection to rule them all!

Strong partnership with Appsolutely

Appsolutely and Signicat knew each other for quite some time, which formed the foundation to join forces and create the app. Appsolutely helps companies and organisations accelerate with Salesforce. Whether it’s about enhancing processes, or skyrocketing services, they aim to bring out the best in organisations and business processes. Appsolutely is a proud member of the Salesforce Partner Community and a Salesforce Summit Partner with over 250 certifications.


The first release of the Signicat Salesforce app enables (public) organisations to authenticate their users with international eIDs like DigiD, iDIN, eHerkenning, and itsme. But this is only the beginning; the app will be expanded with more of Signicats’ identity solutions in future releases. Think of user authentication with even more international electronic identity schemes (eIDs), ID document scans, and legally compliant electronic signatures. A comprehensive set of digital identity solutions suitable for every organisation that offers digital services.