Electronic Signatures for SuperOffice

superoffice-400x200With Signicat’s award-winning electronic signature platform you can digitize your business processes by adding support for electronic signatures on customer contracts. Most companies use a CRM (Customer Relation Management) system to handle all customer-related data including profile data, offers, contracts and changes. Companies using SuperOffice can easily add support for electronic signatures by installing the Online Signature App for SuperOffice.

Send documents for signing quickly from SuperOffice

Our Electronic Signature solution for SuperOffice provides:

  • Compliant with EU Directive on Electronic Signature
  • Multiple documents
  • Multiple signers
  • Electronic signing with national and public eIDs
  • Handwritten signature (InkSign)

electronic signing

Flexible offering

With its convenient self-service capabilities, you can adapt Sign to fit your needs. Signicat Sign supports more than 20 eID methods and also allows your customers to sign physically on a digital device.

Close business faster

You can automate manual processes to save time and money with Signicat Sign. Signing documents is a time-effective process thanks to the app’s user-friendly interface.

Verified Identity

Through our support for electronic IDs, document scanning, and registry lookups, we can verify that the signature you receive is verified to belong to the supposed signer.

Legally compliant

Signicat Sign allows you to securely identify signers according to EU regulations and ensure document origin, integrity and non-repudiation. Electronic signatures are legally equal to handwritten signatures.

The agreements are coming faster, document management is simpler and we are confident that the right person signs. For us, this has been a paradigm shift with time spent on obtaining agreements reduced by 42% over time.

Carl Christian Müller, Forretningsutvikler
Forvaltningshuset Norge

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