Jar with ink inside, symbols the signing solution that is preserved

Signicat Preserve

Documents that are electronically signed are normally contractual documents, and it is important that it is possible to retrieve and verify the signatures in the future. Signatures may have to be validated decades in the future.

Signicat can archive documents in a secure way, perform re-sealing of electronic signatures and serve as a Time Stamping Authority. As businesses get more dependent on electronic documents with sensitive data and electronic signatures, it is important to ensure that the documents are securely stored and re-sealed when the signature algorithms used are no longer secure, or when keys are compromized. With Signicat Preserve your documents stay protected, unmodified and valid in the future.

Signicat’s customers range from big banks and government agencies to small and medium sized businesses who all trust Signicat with the responsibility of preserving business critical documents.

Time is essential

Signicat can serve as a notary to ensure the exact time that the document was signed and that the document has not been altered after signing.