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Identity proofing

Tap into risk and identity data for AML compliance

Check and monitor customer data against leading national and commercial registries – for both natural persons and organisations.

● Friction-free new customer onboarding
● Automatic data monitoring
● Developer-friendly APIs
● Comply with AML regulations

By checking IBAN and name combinations at the point of payment, bank and identity fraud diminishes by 81% in online banking.

David Jan-Janse CEO @ SurePay logo
David Jan-Janse CEO @ SurePay

Developer-friendly APIs

Signicat offers two Risk and Identity Data services, which are used for two different types of lookups: Information Service and Monitoring Service – each with corresponding APIs.

As with all Signicat APIs, these come complete with quick start guides, test data, developer dashboard and more.

  • Retrieve information about a customer or perform a one-time verification of the information they have provided. For example, you can confirm their address and business name, or find out whether they are a politically exposed person (PEP).

    Read the documentation

  • Receive periodic updates of changes to an individual's identifying data. If, for instance, a customer's address changes, you will be alerted.

    Read the documentation

Use cases for information lookups

Risk and identity data lookups can be used in many different cases, including:

  • Identity information for onboarding
  • Credit risk rating information
  • Identify the UBO of an organisation
  • PEP/sanction status of a person or organisation
  • Get the signatory rights of an organisation

See more use cases

How to build AML-compliant onboarding for B2B and B2C

See how to build AML-compliant onboarding for B2B and B2C using Signicat's registry lookup services in this video.

Itching to try it out on your own? Follow the hands-on quick start guide using Postman and create a free sandbox account in our Dashboard.


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