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Digital identity with Express API

All your basic identity needs from one point of integration – scalable and developer-friendly.

Get the APIs, SDKs and tools you need for secure and compliant:

● Electronic signatures 

● Secure login
● Customer data validation

– We use Signicat’s API solutions for both secure identity verification and signing. The APIs are well documented and it’s easy to get started with integration.

Andreas Talseth, Co-Founder, Kredd logo
Andreas Talseth, Co-Founder, Kredd


  • Developer Friendly

    Excellent documentation, SDKs and dashboards make integration a breeze.

  • Scalable cloud solutions

    Fully managed and secure SaaS solutions hosted on Azure in the EU.

  • Get started in minutes

    Create a test account, get your API credentials and start coding.

Identity methods

Signicat offers a single point of integration to all your signing, onboarding, and authentication needs with one or several identity methods:


  1. Legally binding digital signatures

    Electronic signatures with a verified identity that can be integrated with your website, app or business system using our REST APIs or SDKs. Signicat offers different mechanisms for signing, depending on your business requirements.

  2. Secure login

    Offer secure login to your customers with identity verification that fits your security requirements – from nordic eIDs, SMS OTP and social media authentication.

  3. Validate customer data

    Validate and monitor data from your customers, whether they are persons or organizations. Signicat’s API returns normalized data from carefully selected sources, making it easy for you to interpret and use the responses regardless of the source.


Choose a plan that fits your business needs.

  • Starter

    • Max 1 identity method
    • 1 product
    • 1 market
    • Best effort SLA uptime
    • Public cloud (Azure)
    • Community support
  • Essential

    • Max 2 identity methods
    • 2 products
    • 2 markets
    • Best effort SLA uptime
    • Public cloud (Azure)
    • Community support
  • Core

    • Max 4 identity methods
    • 2 products
    • Nordic markets
    • Best effort SLA uptime
    • Public cloud (Azure)
    • E-mail support
  • Prices per transaction

    e.g. with Norwegian BankID


    • Authentication: <=200: 1,69 / >200: 5,30
    • Signing: <=100: 15,00 / >100: 20,00


    • Authentication: <3000: 2,59 / >3000: 5,18
    • Signing: <3000: 13,00 / >3000: 16,00


    Discount prices based on volume.

    Still not sure? Let's talk!

Solutions for your industry

Do you need to scratch an itch that's unique to your industry? We offer specific solutions for several industries. Browse the list below and find out how we can help you.

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  • Save valuable time by using Signicat’s digital signing solutions – and integrate signing and digital deeds solutions into the regular workflow of your broker system. Read more

  • Leverage Nordic eIDs for authenticating and onboarding patients, along with lookups for additional information - securely and efficiently. Read more

  • Speed up your contract signing process with the Signicat Sign Portal, and validate your customers with our Info Services. Read more

  • Digital onboarding, electronic signing and CDD solutions from Signicat can help lawyers, accountants, auditors and other professional services boost efficiency and compliance. Read more

  • Utilities and power grid companies are under pressure to offer great digital customer experience. Ditch passwords and let customers log in to their "my page" securely and friction free. Read more