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Electronic real estate deed registration in Webmegler

Signicat delivers, in collaboration with Websystemer, electronic real estate deed registration (eTinglysning) and electronic signing of documents as integrated functionality in Webmegler, a complete web-based business system for real estate companies.


  • Completely integrated in the real estate system

    No installation or integration is required.

  • Straightforward and mobile friendly

    Everything takes place in Webmegler, and the documents end up in the right place by themselves.

  • Fully digital workflow

    The customer does not need to scan / print papers or send sensitive information.

Save time and money with electronic real estate deed registration

  • Electronic registration in Websystems is a fully automated process where documents that meet the requirements for registration can be registered automatically and given immediate priority in the land register.

  • Be assured that security is considered with regards to GDPR and information security. The signing takes place with BankID, and the documents follow the standards prepared by the Mapping Authority. Each brokerage office receives its unique BankID certificate.

  • The solution digitises and simplifies complex communication flows between brokers, banks and the Mapping Authority. With the solution, interaction with electronically signed documents will be handled in one system across the actors. Everything takes place in Webmegler, and everything ends up in the right place.