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Electronic signing

Electronic signatures with Signicat Sign Portal

Your fast track to legally binding signatures. 

The Signicat Sign Portal is the simplest solution for secure and compliant electronic signatures. 

You don’t need any integration, installation or developer. Simply log in, upload a document and start signing now!


  • 100 % ID verification

    Guaranteed verified signer identity, every time.

  • Improved user experience

    Get happier customers with friction free UX.

  • Fully compliant

    Meets all EU regulations for electronic signatures.

The cornerstone of an electronic signature is whether you can trust
the signature.

Pekka Junes, Development Director, Alexandria logo
Pekka Junes, Development Director, Alexandria

Legally binding

Get legally binding signatures compliant with EU regulations. Yes, our signatures stand up in court.

Verified identity

All signatures are verified with electronic IDs such as BankID, and timestamped in the PAdES format.

No integration or installation

No downloads, installations, integrations or developer skills needed. Just log in!

Safe for sensitive documents

Protect your most confidential documents with hardcore security measures and secure sharing features.

  • Prices per signature

    Basic & Advanced

    • InkSign: €0.30
    • SMS signature: €0.30
    • eID signature: €0.60
    • Secure Share: €0.30


    • Discount prices based on volume.