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Electronic signing

B2B electronic signing

Flexible, secure electronic signature solution designed specifically to support business-to-business document signing without requiring manual work-arounds and resetting signing processes.


  • Rock solid agreements

    Defensible evidence of an executed agreement through document sealing, far exceeding the print-sign-scan process.

  • Higher security

    Assurance of signature validity through ID verification and signing authority lookups.

  • Multiple-signer, multiple document

    Multiple signers signing multiple documents in one process, including sign forwarding.

Powerful business signing capabilities

  • A core part of the overall Signicat offering is the ability to verify identities. Signicat Business Signature offers the ability to verify that those who are signing documents are who they say they are – through Electronic IDs, ID paper scanning, OTPs and more.

  • A business certificate is proof that the organization is really behind the signatures and seals. Signicat has cooperation with certificate issuers, which will assist in the process of issuing a business certificate for the organization.

  • Many times, contracts are sent to individuals without signing rights, or, requires additional signatures. The sign forwarding function ensures the appropriate individuals are signing agreements and other documents.

  • We offer CRM integrations that allow you to track your signatures with ease. We connect with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and can quickly add new CRMs should they be required.

  • Some countries have registries that list individuals that are allowed to sign on behalf of their organization. Signicat Business Signature offers the ability to look up this data and embed it in the document.

  • In addition to exchanging signatures, Signicat also supports onboarding of businesses as customers. This is a similar process as onboarding an individual, but includes additional checks and look-ups.