Secure, trusted electronic signing 


Digital signing of documents streamlines and simplifies the sealing of business deals, whether between a business and a consumer, or between two businesses. Reducing the need for paper-based signing means you’ll get signatures faster, and with a lower abandonment rate.

Introducing Signicat Business Signature

Introducing Signicat Business Signature, digitising business-to-business document signing.

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Signicat’s identification and signature services enables us an easy and cost-effective way to ensure our customers’ identity and get electronic signatures to important financial documents from various sources, in real time, without intermediaries.

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Seal the deal faster

When conducting business digitally, all the data shows that if you can avoid a paper-based interruption (printing and signing a document), you’ll close the deal sooner. Streamlining the signing process through trusted, secure electronic signing helps you acquire new customers faster.

Multiple signers/multiple documents

Need to have more than one signature? Not a problem. Have more than one document that needs to be signed during a session? Again, we can help. Our flexible eSigning solution will help you get the signatures you need.

Legally Binding

Our electronic signature solution ensures the signatures you receive are legally binding, and compliant with a number of regulations, including:

  • EU Directive on Electronic Signature
  • Time-Stamp Protocol (RFC 3161)
  • eIDAS Regulation
  • Policy requirements for time-stamping authorities (ETSI TS 102 023)
  • PDF/A

Digitally sign Adobe forms documents

Need to collect information from customers using Adobe forms documents? Signicat can help. Create a forms document and share it with your customer. Once the form is completed, the document is flattened – embedding the fields into the document – before it’s digitally signed.

Digitally sign form documents


We support signing across a range of devices, from smart phones, tablets, laptops and more. Our intelligent solution ensures you can get your signature in a way that is most convenient for your customers.

Verified signing

Through our Digital Identity Hub, we can confirm the user is who they say they are. We connect to 20+ public electronic ID schemes, as well as social sign-on (Google, Facebook, etc.) and Mobile ID. We can then validate the user through registry lookups, passport scanning, live video detection and more.

Archive and seal documents

Need secure archiving and sealing of documents? Signicat can securely archive documents, sealing/re-sealing them and time-stamping, preserving them in a protected, unmodified and provably valid way. We offer

  • Secure archiving of documents
  • Time-stamping of electronic signatures
  • Re-sealing of documents for continual validity


InkSign is Signicat’s method for signing physically on digital devices. This method can be combined with our other signature methods, in combination with a SMS-OTP, identity paper upload or as a stand-alone solution. InkSign is very easy to use and is a good choice for in-store settings or other scenarios where the users are physically available.

Integrate with your CRM

We offer CRM integrations so that you can track your signatures with ease. We connect with SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, SuperOffice, and can quickly add new CRMs should your needs require.

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