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Electronic signatures with hardcore security

Our electronic signatures hold up in any court. Not all electronic signatures are legally binding, but that’s exactly what you get from us.

100 % verified and secure digital signatures compliant with the strictest EU-regulations. Choose a plan that suits you, and enjoy your new paperless life!


  • 100 % ID verification

Guaranteed verified signer identity, every time.

  • Deep integration

Integrate signing into your existing systems and processes.

  • Fully compliant

    Meet all requirements for AES/QES, eIDAS and PAdES.

Go beyond scribbles

Anyone can scribble a name on a signature line. But a signature alone is not a verification of identity. 

We couple electronic signatures with identity verification as a part of the signing process, so you know for sure who signed the document.

"The cornerstone of an electronic signature is whether you can trust the signature."

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Development Director, Alexandria

The most secure, comprehensive electronic signing solution available

  • Our signatures are compliant with EU regulations including:

    • eIDAS
    • AES/QES
    • Timestamp Protocol (RFC 3161)
    • Policy requirements for time-stamping authorities (ETSI TS 102 023)
    • PDF/A

    Learn more about Signicat Certifications and Compliance

  • As one of the few companies certified by EU as a Qualified Trust Service Provider, we can timestamp and guarantee the authenticity of electronically signed documents long into the future. Learn more

  • All electronically signed documents contain Long-Term Validation (LTV) information making it valid far into the future, including electronic seals (eSeals) and automatic re-sealing.

  • We provide support for business-to-business signing requirements with verified identity, including multiple signers, sign forwarding and signing rights lookups. Learn more

  • Our enterprise-ready signing offering can be built into most business applications. Execute agreements directly within your applications, such as credit management solutions, customer portals, document management systems, ERP and CRM systems, or even web chat interfaces.

Choose your solution

Choose the electronic signing solution that fits your requirements:

  • Enterprise

    Fully customized solution with the highest level of compliance and support to fit your unique needs.

    • More complex use cases
    • European identity methods
    • Integrate with business processes

Stay friends with the forest

Digital signatures are not only user-friendly, but also earth-friendly.

We’ve saved 695 tonnes of paper waste, 31000 trees and 105 million litres of water since we launched electronic signing.