Digital Identity Hub


20+ electronic IDs. 7+ registry lookups. Multiple social logins. Verification methods, such as document scanning, facial recognition, live video detection. 3rd party plugins.

Most Comprehensive Digital Identity Hub

Signicat’s Digital Identity Hub is at the heart of all that we do. It is a platform layer that collects numerous connection points and ensures that our customers are able to connect to and verify their customers online.


Different methods for Identity Verification

Electronic IDs

Signicat connects to over 20 electronic IDs (eIDs) around Europe. By connecting to these eIDs, we are able to quickly verify users and you can seamlessly enter into online business arrangements with them.

Norsk BankID

Social Logins

Social logins are a great way to take the first step with a prospective customer. Signicat currently supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Windows Live, Amazon and PayPal logins. Contact us if you require additional social logins.

Registry lookups

Signicat supports a number of registry lookups to provide additional information about a user (B2C) or an organization (B2B). The lookup services is typically integrated with one or more services provided by Signicat. We currently support 7 registry lookups.


ID document scanning methods

Signicat provides ID scanning, facial recognition, live video detection, and other forms of ID verification, including 3rd party solutions such as Mitek and IDNow.

Connect into the Hub

We are continually adding new verification methods to our Digital Identity Hub. Contact us if you have a verification system you want to integrate, or if you require access to a new eID or registry lookup.

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