MobileID enables service providers to deliver fingerprint authentication for both in-app usage and as a second factor when authenticating online.

Through MobileID service providers can leverage fingerprint technology to provide the best user experience currently available while still maintaining the security needed to perform transactions and other sensitive actions.

A Software Developer Kit (SDK) and standard applications is available for both iOS and Android.


  • Secure server hosted by Signicat
  • Fingerprint for iOS
  • Fingerprint for Android
  • Secure encrypted connection to server
  • PIN code alternative
  • In-app authentication
  • Second factor for online authentication
  • Digital signing (Signicat Sign)
  • Connected to SignicatID eco-system

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between using MobileID and enabling the native fingerprint support from the OS in your application?

Signicat registers the phone as an authentication device and connects the user to the phone and fingerprint (or PIN). To authenticate the user need to send data to a server, this connection between the phone and the server is encrypted and securely handled by Signicat using award winning technology.

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