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Signicat Connect

Security requirements in government agencies, financial institutions and other regulated businesses requires secure ways to authenticate the users.

With Signicat Connect users can access your site easily and securely using national or public eIDs, SMS, e-mail, hardware tokens or smartphone applications. This ensures that the right people are let in and the wrong people are kept out. Signicat delivers a wide range of authentication methods, easily available through a single integration. This means saving time and money from maintaining and developing new integrations with eID providers and allows rapidly expansion to new markets by enabling new ID methods as businesses grow. Signicat Connect provides the flexibility which is needed to tailor-fit the authentication process to different requirements and use cases.

Public eID schemes

Signicat delivers a wide selection of public eID-schemes in Europe, including BankID in Norway, BankID in Sweden, NemID in Denmark, Tupas in Finland, DNIe in spain, iDIN in Netherlands and ESTeID in Estonia. Public eIDs is an excellent choice when operating in a regulated business or if the security requirements requires a high level of certainty of the user’s identity. Signicat has many years of experience with public eIDs and are currently working closely with many of the eID providers in Europe.

Consumer identities

Signicat delivers easy access to consumer identities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Windows Live, PayPal authentication and Amazon authentication. Enabling these methods is a good choice to make it quick and easy for people to sign up and/or log in.

Multi-factor authentication

Email OTP
MobileID application

Enabling a second factor makes it a lot harder for hackers and intruders to access business applications and ensures the security and safety of users. Signicat deliver multi-factor solutions such as SMS OTP, email OTP, Timebased OTP and fingerprint authentication through mobile applications (MobileID).

«We went through a thorough risk analysis before the decision making. Signicat was the only SaaS-service that could fulfill our architectural requirements»

Maarit Ekokoski, development manager, Fennia


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