Signicat Business Signature

Flexible, secure electronic signature solution designed specifically for business-to-business document signing

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Fast, Secure Contract Signing

Introducing Signcat Business Signature, a flexible, secure electronic signature solution designed specifically to support business-to-business document signing without requiring manual work-arounds and resetting signing processes.

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Benefits Include

Streamlined process relating to acquiring business signatures

Assurance of signature validity through ID verification and signing authority lookups

Defensible evidence of an executed agreement through document sealing, far exceeding the print-sign-scan process

Multiple signers signing multiple documents in one process

Flexible identification and authentication of signers

Long-term validity ensuring signature validity can be proven into the far future


Sign Forwarding

Many times, contracts are sent to individuals without signing rights, or, requires additional signatures. The sign forwarding function ensures the appropriate individuals are signing agreements and other documents.

Signing rights lookup

Some countries have registries that list individuals that are allowed to sign on behalf of their organization. Signicat Business Signature offers the ability to look up this data and embed it in the document. Note: This functionality is only available in certain markets.

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Business on-boarding

In addition to exchanging signatures, organizations also want to on-board businesses as customers. This is a similar process as on-boarding an individual, but includes additional checks and look-ups, such as business registers, which contain information about who is allowed to act on behalf of the business, and this information is returned as part of the on-boarding process.

CRM Integrations

Signicat Business Signature includes functionality to initiate signing processes from within multiple CRMs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SuperOffice. This process streamlines the process initiation and signing status.

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Identity verification

A core part of the overall Signicat offering is the ability to verify identities. Signicat Business Signature offers the ability to verify that those who are signing documents are who they say they are. This can include:

  • Electronic IDs (eIDs) such as the Nordic BankIDs and others
  • One time/complex identification of users via our Identity Verification offerings (Document scanning of ID papers, lookups and other verification mechanisms)
  • One-time password by SMS or email
  • And more

Business Certificate Seals

A business certificate is proof that the organization is really behind the signatures and seals. Signicat has cooperation with certificate issuers, which will assist in the process of issuing a business certificate for the organization. The business certificate will then be installed in the HSMs (secure cryptographic hardware) in the secure Signicat services. Whenever a signature or seal is created, this certificate will be used to identify the business in a trusted way, so that anybody, anywhere in the world, will be able to verify this.


Strong evidence

During the process of business signatures, Signicat will collect evidence of the process. This includes information about the recipients, who it was forwarded to, when this was done, which lookup register was checked, the data from this register. All this is sealed in the final result, with the business certificate, binding it all together in a package, which is tamper resistant, and can be used as evidence should the agreement come under scrutiny.

Company lookup data based on registers will be part of the final sealed document and these data will be valid in the future even if company data has changed over time. One document will contain all documents and evidence.

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Signing Portals

We are working to integrate Signicat Business Signature in with the signing portals that currently support Signicat Sign. Contact us to learn more.

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