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An important part of any business is to know your customers. In the digital marketplace, you will not meet your customers face-to-face, and the customer’s identity must be established digitally.

There is an increased pressure to comply with EU regulations such as Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC). Using Signicat Assure will assist you with compliancy with these directives.

Signicat Assure offers a number of different methods to establish the identity of a person, using digital means. These methods can be used separately, or in combination. Which methods to use depends on the assurance level required and can be tailor made to individual customer needs. Signicat is working with the Governments to establish the requirements for the eIDAS levels low, substantial and high, and hope to offer a simple scheme with these three options in the future.

Signicat helps businesses, government agencies and institutions with identity proofing. Signicat has a wide range of solutions to assure identities, among them is our national and public eID hub and digital ID paper verification (ID cards, passports, utility bills). Our strengths are the cross border support and the ability to offer many different choices, which makes it easy to give users from different parts of the world access to your applications in a secure and user-friendly way. Signicat Assure makes it easy to enroll new users and can prevent fraud, money laundering and make your business compliant.

Public eID schemes

Signicat delivers a wide selection of public eID-schemes which can be used for identity proofing, including BankID in Norway, BankID in Sweden, NemID in Denmark, Tupas in Finland, DNIe in Spain, iDIN in Netherlands and ESTeID in Estonia. Public eIDs is an excellent choice when operating in a regulated business or if the security requirements requires a high level of certainty of the user’s identity.

The advantages of using public eIDs for onboarding and identity proofing is that the users are used to and trust these methods and that a service provider can gather data that you can trust with a high degree of certainty. Signicat has many years of experience with public eIDs and are currently working closely with many of the eID providers in Europe.

Public eIDs from Signicat is an integrated part of Signicat onboarding engine, making it fast and easy for you to set up and get started with digital onboarding.

Consumer identities

Signicat delivers easy access to consumer identities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Windows Live, PayPal authentication and Amazon authentication. Enabling these methods is a good choice if to make it quick and easy for people to sign up and/or log in.

Registry lookups

Digital identity paper verification

Signicat onboarding engine

Signicat onboarding engine is a flexible and powerful tool that makes it fast and easy for you to get started with digital onboarding. The engine performs identity proofing with the methods you choose which can range from public eIDs to social media and other consumer identities.

It also enables the gathering of more information through a registration form with standard and custom fields and through image uploading of passports, national identity cards and profile pictures. The engine is connected to Signicat’s system for establishing new identities (Signicat identity), making user account creation easy to set up, seamless and flexible.

    Onboarding statistics

    40% of consumers abandon banking applications

    55% of consumers would be more likely to apply for a financial product if the process was 100% online


    Quick onboarding using social media

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