Advanced Authentication

Multi-factor, secure authentication solutions for digital identity

Secure Authentication

Our authentication solutions, part of our Signicat Connect product line, ensures you can trust who you are engaging with. We offer a number of critical, compliant solutions that help you engage securely, but with a minimum of friction.

Trusted Identification

We connect with over 20 national eID schemes. This means you can require your users to log in using nationally registered and managed ID schemes. This provides a degree of trust that few can offer.
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Social Login

We support social logins such as FaceBook, Google, PayPal and more to log into your offering. Our verification and lookup offerings help you build additional trust with your customer over time.
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Step-up Authentication

Should you detect inconsistencies with your user behavior, you can include additional authentication requirements such as biometric scanning, SMS or email verification, hardware tokens and more.
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Trusted Digital Identity

To build trust in an ongoing customer engagement, you need to ensure that they can continue to engage with you digitally in a trusted, authenticated and secured fashion. Signicat offers advanced authentication solutions for you to build digital trust with your customers.

We deliver:

  • Cloud-based identity hub
  • Availability across multiple devices
  • Support for multiple national and public electronic IDs
  • Step-up and multi-factor authentication
  • Flexible support for hardware tokens, smart cards, and more
  • A variety of One-Time-Password options, via SMS, email, or even post

It was natural for us to outsource this kind of service to a company who has online authentication as their core business

Maarit Ekokoski, Fennia

Whitepaper: Strong Customer Authentication in Practice

A report detailing the limitations and possibilities with PSD2

Two-factor authentication/Multi-factor authentication

Adding in multiple factors into an authentication session helps ensure the customer is who they say. It helps avoids fraud and hacking, further ensuring trust. Signicat offers a number of authentication factors, such as:

MobileID and fingerprint scanning

MobileID enables service providers to deliver fingerprint authentication for both in-app usage and as a second factor when authenticating online.

Through MobileID service providers can leverage fingerprint technology to provide the best user experience currently available while still maintaining the security needed to perform transactions and other sensitive actions.

Signicat delivers both a mobile app and an SDK for those that wish to build MobileID functionality into their own apps.

Case Study: Visma

Now, they simply fill out an application form online and submit it by identifying themselves and signing using BankID. It doesn’t get any more simple than that.

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