Digital identities

Digital Identity Service Provider

Signicat is a Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) and offers Identity on Demand services for customers regardless of geography or eID. All identity information is collected in one access point, in addition to electronic signatures and seals. Read more about the benefits of using a DISP here

Signicat as a identity provider

Through Signicat you can issue your own ID, which is handled by Signicat, and allow users to login through a non-PKI solution. This suits businesses who want customized levels of security and who wants to reach markets where there is no PKI infrastructure.

Hardware tokens
SMS one time password
Mail one time password
Postal one time password
Username and password
Mobile ID

Signicat eID hub

Our eID hub consist of a wide variety of national, public and managed eIDs which cover different regions, all over the world. We have the largest coverage of national eIDs in europe – the methods we provide for both digital identity and for digital signing is:

Apps and integrations

There are a number of integrations to CRM systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SuperOffice which are based on the Signicat platform.
These apps and integrations enable you to send out contracts from your CRM to be digitally signed, or to provide secure login to your CRM.

There are also a range of signing portals for sending signing orders which are based on the Signicat platform.

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