Verified Digital Identity


Signicat provides regulated businesses with verified digital identity solutions through our secure digital on-boarding, identity verification services, and regulatory compliance offerings. We do this with our unique Signicat Open Identity Platform.

Signicat Open Identity Platform

Signicat helps over 400 customers globally. Our highly flexible platform scales to meet our client’s digital identity requirements, ranging from integration with a single electronic ID scheme to a comprehensive, cross-border digital identity platform.

Our customers include:

Signicat platform benefits

Quick Setup

Get up and running quickly through our easy integrations and APIs.


We scale from a point solution to a comprehensive Digital Identity Platform.


Signicat solutions are secure and trustworthy, meeting the highest standards.


Signicat offers a service-level agreement that meets your needs.


Signicat helps ensure you are compliant with AML, KYC and other regulations.

Developer Friendly

Our APIs are available for quick and easy integrations.

Whitepaper: Battle to On-board II

The European perspective on digital on-boarding for retail banks.
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Strong Customer Authentication in Practice

A whitepaper exploring the limitations and possibilities with PSD2.
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Webinar: Freja eID

Signicat eID webinar and introduction to Freja eID.
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Digital Identity Hub

The heart of the Signicat offering, the Digital Identity Hub is what connects you to your users. The hub includes connections to over 20 electronic IDs, numerous social logins, registry lookups, as well as verification methods such as document scanning, facial recognition, live video detection and more. The hub is easily extensible, so 3rd party technology and verification method providers can quickly add in new methods through our APIs.

Digital Identity Service Provider

Our one-stop-service for digital identity. The Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP) offers Identity-on-Demand services for Signicat’s customers regardless of geography or eID, with all identity information and agreements collected in one access point.

Identity Verification offerings

These identity verification/assurance products fall under our “Assure” product family name and provide the core technologies behind our ability to successfully on-board customers in a secure, trusted manner. Meeting KYC and AML requirements, we offer a variety of methods for identity verification including using electronic IDs (eIDs), document scanning, live video detection, facial recognition, and more.

Advanced Authentication offerings

Our authentication solutions provide secure, customizable authentication, enabling repeat engagement with your users. Users can authenticate via their eID, social log-in, mobile devices, and other multi-factor authentication methods, including SMS, hardware tokens, email, and more.

Electronic Signing and Sealing solutions

Improving conversion rates and reducing the need to print/sign/scan documents, Signicat’s electronic signature offerings are designed to streamline business acquisition. We offer CRM integrations, business-to-business specific functionality, multi-factor authentication prior to signing, and more.

In addition, sealing electronically signed documents provides proof of executed agreements. Our offering stores signed documents, sealing them with a time stamp, ensuring they support any audit. Documents can also be re-opened, edited, and re-sealed with a verified and secure revision history.

Identity Assurance as a Service

Traditional identity assurance is a challenging process for regulated industries. Identity verification is done by persons, require physical meetings, and become a hurdle to acquire new customers. Signicat delivers a service to drastically simplify this process through our Identity Assurance as a Service offering.

Electronic ID support

Signicat integrates with over 20 electronic IDs from across Europe.

CRM Integration

The Signicat platform integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SuperOffice.

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