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Alba Zaragoza

Communications Manager

Signicat leads the way in reshaping European automotive retail sales

-Digitalising processes introduces changes and new requirements in the automotive supply chain.

-Signicat has been chosen by the BMW Group for its AML-compliant and scalable digital solution capabilities.

Signicat, the international leader in Digital Identity, reshapes the European car sales landscape with a technology-driven and customer-centric purchasing process for the BMW Group.

In recent years, automotive manufacturers, looking towards a global model, have introduced numerous processes into their supply chain, such as signing contracts, which used to be done through car dealerships. A strong commitment to the transformation of the automotive sector that puts the end user back in focus with a strategy based on customer-centricity and experiences. 

 With a forward-looking approach, the BMW Group stays attuned to the trends influencing the automotive sector, such as sustainability and digitalization. At the same time, the BMW Group is responding to society's increasingly customer-centric demands for a unique and seamless user experience.

“The BMW Group is a world-leading automotive brand that we work with in Europe. We are excited to assist the BMW Group on their journey to transform the industry and be part of a change that is focusing on delivering smooth experiences to their users,” says Arne Vidar Haug, Head of Global Solutions & Co-founder of Signicat. “At Signicat, we consider each company's needs and requirements, which is why the Signicat Global Solutions team designs tailor-made global identity solutions. We are more than just solution providers, we are strategic consultants in identity verification,” he adds.

With the world's most extensive portfolio of digital identity and fraud prevention solutions, Signicat enables remote identity verification and electronic signing of end-users.  This is possible through digital identities, biometrics, and electronic document verification, enabling users to seamlessly execute legally binding electronic signatures on their contracts, all through one single entry point. Signicat’s "Global Solutions" business unit specialises in delivering challenging global AML-compliant onboarding solutions. 

We have been working closely with the BMW Group providing them with a team of digital identity experts to advise them on technological and regulatory levels”, says Asger Hattel, CEO at Signicat. "Having an end-to-end solution for the customer enrolment process offers numerous technological, operational and regulatory advantages, but it is also a way to prevent fraud or data corruption through a seamless and complete process".

Signicat is a well-established and reputed supplier with a secure and AML-compliant solution with worldwide capabilities. The choice of Signicat is due to its unrivalled dominant offer in Europe and its global capability for scalable and compliant solutions in 24 countries across the BMW Group, including the United Kingdom, Ireland and Germany.