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Signicat launches Signicat Mint, a no-code platform to revolutionize Digital Identity process building in all industries

Signicat, the leading platform of digital identity solutions in Europe, announces the launch of its new product: Signicat Mint. A no-code platform to design, build, and deploy any digital identity processes in a no-code visual editor that promises to change the way businesses build their digital identity processes across Europe.

Signicat’s Digital Identity solutions, including identity proofing, authentication, signing, and fraud detection, are accessible through Signicat Mint as a no-code visual editor. This enables companies to drag and drop the necessary components they need to build their workflows without coding.

Following this, the onboarding flow can seamlessly be integrated into an existing service or app as access is granted to the end-user via a link sent through email, as a button on a website, or it can be activated through an API.

I like to think that we are democratizing access to technology. Companies of any size, from any country, with any use case can design and execute their journey, and, in the way we picture it, now a compliance officer, a product owner, and a growth manager can gather and build their own process. And that’s the real value of Signicat Mint for companies: being able to create flows but also to iterate on them anytime if needed” states Robin Wilgott, Product Manager of Signicat Mint.

Mint aims to be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes across Europe, allowing them to streamline their processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency but, most importantly, giving them control of their processes. It will also give them the flexibility to adapt to changing regulatory and market updates and customer needs.

"Our mission is to build technology for people to trust each other in a digital world, and we can only achieve this by being one step ahead and with cutting-edge products for our customers. I am proud to announce that we are the first company in the Digital Identity industry to offer a no-code product that integrates the complete Digital Identity lifecycle”, says Asger Hattel, CEO of Signicat. “We are excited to see the impact that our no-code product will have on the industry and confident that it will revolutionize the way our customers work and achieve their goals to take their businesses to the next level”, he added.

Local and European regulations can also be challenging for companies as they change very quickly, and companies have to be updated and ensure that their processes are too. Signicat Mint complies with all guidelines that regulated industries must meet, such as the GDPR, AML regulations at both local and European levels with 5AMLD and 6AMLD, MiFID II and MiFIR, as well as local Consumer Protections Laws or sector-specific regulations such as IDD for insurance companies or CRD/Solvency II for financial institutions.

Signicat Mint is highly relevant for Identity Proofing and Due Diligence processes, customer and company onboarding, and contract signing. Its ease of use and the fact that all of Signicat’s portfolio is included make this no-code platform a true innovation. It can serve all industries, regulated and non-regulated, ideally financial services, insurance companies, online retailers, law firms, real estate agencies, and more.

As additional features, Signicat Mint can be customizable with the look and feel of the company or change the domain address to its own and companies can benefit from previous work as they will have access to pre-defined flows, created by themselves, other customers, or Signicat's pre-built flows.

For further information, please contact:

Alba Zaragoza

Communications Manager
Phone: +34 648 839 894