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Signicat expands its digital identity portfolio with the inclusion of mojeID Poland as the first non-Polish aggregator

Signicat, the leading pan-European provider of digital identity solutions, announces its status as the first international aggregator to integrate mojeID Poland into its digital identity portfolio. This achievement is particularly significant as it marks the first time that a non-Polish intermediary offers mojeID Poland directly, without the intervention of third parties.

With an impressively high penetration rate, 98% of electronic banking users in Poland utilize mojeID Poland. This means that the authentication of a Polish individual's identity is facilitated through their bank details, guaranteeing a high level of security and safeguarding data integrity. 

Offering two levels of assurance—low and substantial—mojeID Poland facilitates both the initial identity verification and subsequent user authentication, fully compliant with local Anti-Money Laundering regulations and eIDAS, the European regulation governing electronic identity verification methods. Consequently, businesses adopting mojeID Poland can seamlessly initiate and maintain relationships with all their users in seconds, offering convenience and speed.

As we integrate mojeID Poland into our portfolio, we empower companies to securely expand their operations in Poland, in a secure and fraud-protected method. Delivering a new electronic identity solution demands rigorous adherence to security and compliance standards mandated by public administrations and national regulations. Addressing the evolving requirements of regulated sectors remains our top priority, and we recognize mojeID Poland as a crucial asset for our clients. Signicat is a one-stop shop for a reason: we offer a perfect combination of identity verification methods for companies operating across borders” says Riten Gohil, Digital ID, Fraud & AML Orchestration Evangelist at Signicat.

This marks another milestone for Signicat, following the successful integration of the Italian e-identity system, SPID (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale), announced in September 2023. With over 35 digital identities now integrated across Europe, Signicat continues to expand its global ecosystem of identity methods enriching its leading identity platform, helping international companies with the widest selection of methods for identity verification, authentication, orchestration, and signing across markets globally.

For our customers, Europe is a jungle of complex rules, regulations, and compliance levels, and by continuing to expand our offerings, e.g. now with mojeID or with national digital identities, we help our customers through that jungle. To make them fast and efficient in their onboarding and identity verification. Integrating new digital identities and making them accessible to any company in the world has always been a priority for us. Our clients rely on us as their single entry point for all digital identity needs. Being the first to offer a new digital identity on an international scale, along with other 35 digital identities, keeps us at the forefront of the industry”, states Asger Hattel, CEO at Signicat. 

As Signicat continues to drive innovation in the digital identity space, further announcements are anticipated throughout the year, building on the momentum established for 2024.