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PSD2 compliant Strong Customer Authentication

Today's consumers expect service at one click, while PSD2 regulations for Secure Customer Authentication can slow things down. Signicat offers PSD2-compliant authentication without compromising user experience.


  • eID-based authentication

    Leverage more than 30 electronic ID schemes for strong authentication.

  • Mobile authentication solution

    Leverage mobile technology to optimize UX while delivering PSD2 compliant authentication.

  • Support for additional authentication methods

    Meet SCA requirements for multi-factor authentication (MFA).

What do PSD2 and SCA mean for you?

PSD2 – and its requirement for strong customer authentication – will have an impact on all online services and apps involving payments.

PSD2 – or the second Payment Services Directive – is EU regulation that governs how we make payments online. According to PSD2, nearly all transactions require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), including at least two of the following:

1. Something the customer knows such as a password or PIN
2.Something the customers have like their smartphone or a hardware token
3. Something the customer is such as a fingerprint or facial recognition scan

Many services struggle to strike a balance between meeting SCA requirements and maintaining low friction in their apps to ensure high engagement from customers. PSD2-compliant authentication solutions from Signicat help.

Compliant, User-friendly Mobile Authentication

  • Signciat's solutions for PSD2 SCA support multiple use cases, including:

    • Card transactions
    • Account-to-account transactions
    • Access account information
  • Our mobile authentication solution, MobileID, is fully compliant with PSD2 SCA and 3D Secure V2.2.

  • MobileID authentication provides a user experience to maintain or increase transaction success rates with mobile app while using 2 factor authentication (2FA) with biometrics or PIN + possession.

  • With in-app mobile SDK and a single API to access different Electronic IDs (eIDs).

  • Delivered either via a stand-alone mobile app or SDK, MobileID can be delivered in partnership with payment solution providers to simplify set-up and reduce deployment time

  • Signicat offers a range of solutions to help you deliver identity services across the customer lifecycle: