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Automate and optimize KYC / AML with verified data from Signicat

Reduce manual processes and improve the quality of your KYC / AML compliance work with an end-to-end solution for onboarding.

AML-compliant onboarding of consumer and business customers

Signicat’s offering for digital onboarding of business and consumer customers allows you to introduce automated identity verification, data validation, attribute collection and database screening in a single workflow. This eliminates the need for paper-based processes and manual follow-up, and contributes to an enhanced customer experience.

Signicat’s offering for digital onboarding consists of the following elements:

  • Digital identity verification

    Identity verification based on eIDs (such as BankID in Norway and Sweden, NemID in Denmark and banking credentials in Finland).

  • Attribute collection

    Attribute collection and validation from verified, trusted sources such as official company registries and sanctions lists

  • Electronic signing

    Electronic signing for self-declaration, terms and conditions, account agreement and more