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Secure and fast customer onboarding for Fintechs

Reduce drop-offs, stay compliant and win more new customers with smooth customer experiences powered by digital identity:

No-code journey builder
Digital identity APIs
Easy-to-use e-signature portal

Trusted by Nordic fintechs

Fintechs across the Nordics use Signicat to onboard more new customers.

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  • Beyond passwords

    User names, passwords and social logins are simply not acceptable in the European fintech world.

  • Compliance made easy

    Adhere to strict regulations around AML and KYC without compromising on UX.

  • Onboard across borders

    Include live documentation verification for global onboarding and specialised use cases.

Signicat Mint

No developers? No problem! Signicat Mint is a simple, drag-and-drop way to build an onboarding flow. Using the visual editor you can design, build and deploy quickly and easily with no developer expertise needed.

Developer-friendly APIs for digital identity

Cover the full digital identity lifecycle from one point of integration – secure, compliant and built for developers.

Get the APIs you need to build solutions to:

  • Signicat's identity proofing API integrates with multiple identification services to verify the identity of your customers.

  • Signicat's Authentication API allows you to verify the identity of users who log in to your online service(s). This is done by using electronic identity methods (ID methods).

  • Signicat's electronic signature API allow you to digitalise business processes by applying electronic signatures on documents such as contracts and loan agreements – all compliant with EU regulations.

  • Signicat's risk and identity data sources help you comply with AML laws. These identity verification APIs allow you to check and monitor customer data against different national and commercial registries, for both natural persons and organisations.

Dokobit Portal

Need to sign documents remotely? Easily sign legally binding documents in the EU with Dokobit Portal by Signicat. Just create an account and start signing.

3 signatures per month absolutely free!

Without using Signicat and signing with Bank ID, we would have to ask for a client to be physically in front of us with their passport to prove their identity! That’s not always feasible as it is incredibly time-consuming and would result in loss of both money and patience on all sides.

Geir Atle Bore, CEO & Founder, FundingPartner logo
Geir Atle Bore, CEO & Founder, FundingPartner