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Digital onboarding of new employees

Digitize and streamline your employee management processes through integrated identity verification during onboarding and electronic signatures for contracts, non-disclosure agreements, HR policies and more throughout the employee lifecycle.


  • Lightning-fast

    Digital onboarding with integrated identity checks and electronic signing.

  • Correct data

    Minimise risk and errors. Always have the correct data from reliable resources.

  • Secure processing

    Stop with the infamous passport copies. Identify new employees in a secure and trusted, GDPR-proof manner.

Digitize your HR document handling

You've digitized candidate tracking and appraisals. Finally, you can also digitize contract signing.

The hiring and onboarding process of new employees is critical in establishing a positive first impression. A streamlined employee contract signing and onboarding process can greatly enhance perceptions of the organization.

For some organizations, the process of identifying an employee can be cumbersome, requiring multiple ID checks and manual verification processes. Through our identity verification offering, we can validate an employee is who they say they are, their address is correct, and more - also across borders.

Offboarding employees can also be managed digitally, streamlining the process to ensure a smooth transition. When the full employee lifecycle is digitized, you will also gain control of who has access to sensitive documents such as employment contracts, supporting you in data protection (GDPR).

For companies that provide software and solutions to the HR market, Signicat’s flexible platform can be integrated into existing solutions to add digital identity lifecycle management into your product offerings.

Joint forces: one platform, all building blocks

  • The employee is asked to identify himself at the start of employment. You automatically collect the correct personal data via a digital ID document scan (such as a passport or driver’s license) or by using an electronic identity like the Norwegian BankID.

Get valuable results!

Save time – Passport copy, filling forms, printing, signing… The ‘offline’ onboarding can easily take 24 hours. By digitising this process, you’re done in 10 minutes. Besides time, you save a lot of costs since HR workers have more time to do other things.

Increased conversion – Especially in the flex work market, it’s important that candidates do not drop out during onboarding. A digital process increases the conversion allowing flex workers to start sooner.

Reduced margin of error – Human errors may have negative consequences for both the employee and the employer. Automate the onboarding and make sure that everything is taken care of in one go.

GDPR compliance – Don’t leave papers with personal information lying around. Automatically shield privacy-sensitive data from passport copies that are not required to complete your process. Ensure secure processing of contracts and documents in compliance with GDPR.