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Seamless experiences across the digital identity lifecycle for financial services

Manage the digital customer engagement journey through the Signicat platform, from onboarding to offboarding. Tap into our platform and access tons of identity data sources to create automated KYC processes.

Eliminate the burden of managing multiple vendors, reduce costs by minimising the amount of manual work, and maximise your conversion rate for customer onboarding.


  • We cover the entire digital identity lifecycle

    Minimise risk, reduce fraud, and avoid compliance breaches with our end-to-end offering.

  • Borderless reach with compliant solutions

    Improve your user experience with streamlined, secure mobile authentication.

  • Digitise and automate your customer journey

    Reduce costs with on-demand services that improve customer experience.

Some financial service providers still aren’t “getting it right”

More people than ever use digital technologies for their financial services business. One would expect financial service providers to fully embrace this and offer a state-of-the-art experience.

But somehow, they manage to throw a spanner in the works, especially when onboarding new customers. “Getting it right” provides a huge market opportunity in the digital economy. Yet, identifying and verifying consumer identity is one of the most challenging and time-consuming KYC-compliance tasks. And what about granting returning customers smooth access to your services? Some financial service providers are struggling and currently losing out as a result:

  • How to create trustworthy automated solutions that limit the amount of manual work and reduce costs?
  • How to implement compliant solutions that adapt to the ever-evolving local best practices and international requirements of AML?
  • How to manage multiple technology suppliers that deliver “a piece to the puzzle”?

How to build lasting customer relationships digitally?

A manual, paper-based process is no longer acceptable to many customers. Handling digital identity properly is a game-changer in improving the user experience. An improved user experience will minimise onboarding drop-offs, maximise customer engagement and eventually boost your business results. But how do you gain trust in these digital processes? There are suitable solutions for each step of the digital identity lifecycle to achieve this:

  1. Compliant digital onboarding process with fully remote customer identification
  2. Come to agreements digitally with legally binding electronic signatures
  3. Provide smooth and secure options for accessing your services, doing transactions, and giving consent

A single platform covering the whole customer lifecycle

Our solution leverages Signicat’s Digital Identity Platform, the world’s largest ecosystem of identity verification methods, trusted data sources and secure electronic signing for a paperless KYC process. It has everything you need for onboarding consumer or business customers via digital channels in the most effective way.

  • Signicat offers a comprehensive range of reliable identity data sources on our platform, ranging from 30+ electronic identities (eIDs), all leading ID-document verification techniques (eIDV), to 100+ registry lookups for KYC and KYB checks. We can advise you on which sources to use based on your (1) risk-based approach, (2) applicable regulation(s), (3) desired end-user convenience and (4) costs.

  • Use our extensive collection of identity data sources to automate the core activities of KYC driven consumer onboarding process, such as customer identification, Customer Due Diligence, and ongoing monitoring. We connect to reliable national and international data sources and handle vendor contracts and contacts. You simply need to integrate through one single point of integration. Besides all the tools for customer identification, we provide relevant KYC information, such as address verification, sanctions lists, or Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) lists to be AML-compliant.

  • Onboarding businesses as clients is often a highly manual process. We can work with you to customize a process that validates who is representing the business, confirm they are an approved signatory, conducts KYC and AML checks, and perform checks on the business itself. Think of business roles, ownership, authorisations, and Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO).

  • Signicat offers convenient APIs to monitor changes in the data sources on our platform. You can configure what to monitor, how often, and from which source. You will only be informed when changes occur.

  • Mobile identity solutions from Signicat combine banking-grade security with excellent user experience – all while remaining compliant with PSD2-Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulations. Offer customers a seamless and user-friendly authentication experience when doing transactions and providing consent through mobile channels.

  • A streamlined, secure electronic signing process ensures you can quickly secure agreements and consent from your customers. We can help you set the right level of assurance around securing these agreements by requiring different levels of identity verification before a document is officially signed.

  • Like all digital artefacts, signed electronic documents are prone to Moore’s law. Over time they can be brute force hacked unless they are adequately archived. Our Digital Evidence Management offering ensures your records remain secure and tamper-resistant, even after a customer agreement is terminated.