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Automotive industry gets ready for eCommerce: digital identities and eSigning

Customer identity checks are required in all automotive processes that involve credit or risk, think of leasing agreements, purchase agreements, on-demand insurances, car rentals or using car-sharing platforms. Prevent fraud and comply with (local) AML regulations by creating a digitised “Know Your Customer” process.


  • Identity verification

    Automatically identify and screen potential customers with verified data from reliable sources.

  • Speed up signing

    Use electronic signing with ID verification, compliant with European regulations.

  • Prevent fraud  

    Prevent fraud and comply with international AML regulations.

Make sure to “Know Your Customer” (KYC) in automotive 

The purchase process of a car has adapted itself to the requirements of consumers today, offering a personalised online experience.  Configuring, financing, and ordering a car online is becoming almost as normal as ordering a pizza. Our digital identity solutions enable automotive companies to digitize and automate their customer identity verification processes in compliance with AML/KYC regulations. Not only for ordering new cars but also for leasing agreements, on-demand insurances, car rentals or using car-sharing platforms. 

Signicat supports all document capture techniques, 30+ electronic identity schemes, and numerous registry lookups. The perfect toolbox to create a tailored solution with global coverage. A digitised and automated process brings more online transactions, reduced costs, outstanding customer experience and improved conversion rates.    

The future is digital  

To convert prospects into paying customers, electronic signing of the agreement cannot be missed. In Europe, electronic signatures are legally binding. EU regulation has standardized the way electronic signatures can be used. By using an electronic identity, a contract can be signed from anywhere at any time (eIDAS-guidelines). For the automotive industry, this means you can generate digital contracts in the purchase process and invite the prospect to sign the document. This will speed up the process significantly, especially compared with the commonly used ‘mail-print-sign-scan-mail process’.    

Digital Identity Platform

Signicat has brought all digital identities and electronic signing together on one platform. On our platform, we have standardised the integration with all providers and normalised the output. Instead of having to deal with so many providers, Signicat is your single point of contact. 

Build your process flow. Prevent fraud, improve conversion

  • Enrol your customers to secure mobile authentication so they can continue the (application or identification) process at anytime.

  • Complete the profile of the customer with verified data from reliable sources like electronic identities or identity documents in compliance with international AML/KYC regulations. We support 30+ verified electronic identities (eIDs) and all ID document capturing techniques (eIDV).

  • Screen the obtained customer data against 3rd party registers like sanctions and politically exposed persons (PEP) lists or get credit rating information.

  • Complete the digital purchasing process and invite prospects to sign with legally binding electronic signatures. The easy and valid way to get signatures done quickly. Securely archive the signed agreements digitally.

  • Share documents, personal data, and official updates with customers through your mobile app protected by secure multifactor authentication.     

Trusted by automotive companies

Automotive and financing companies across Europe trust Signicat: