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Samleikin is the national eID of the Faroe Islands. It was launched in autumn 2020.

Samleikin is governed by the tax and financial agency, Gjaldstovan (opens new window), and is part of the digital services of the Faroe Islands developed under the national digitalisation programme, Talgildu (opens new window).

Samleikin can be issued to anyone listed in the Faroese population register and having a Faroese P-tal (national ID number). The Faroe Islands is an autonomous territory within Denmark. Although most inhabitants are Danish citizens, a Faroese inhabitant does not possess a Danish national ID number (CPR number) unless the person additionally fulfils the requirements for registration in the Danish population register.

Samleikin is available as a mobile app (preferred solution) or as a USB key. Samleikin does not have built-in functionality for signing.