SurePay is a lookup service for the Netherlands which can be used during an identity verification process to cross-check that a specific bank account is owned by the end-user. This service can be useful in several scenarios; for example, if a company needs to make regular payments to their users’ bank accounts, they may want to verify the accounts during onboarding. In this scenario, being able to confirm that the bank account number provided by the user is indeed owned by them can help prevent fraud and mistakes, which in turn improves the user’s experience. SurePay can also be used to check the ownership of a company’s bank account.

If you are interested in SurePay, you should know that there are two main ways in which you can use it through the Signicat platform: as a standalone microservice or in combination with iDIN. As a microservice, SurePay can be used in any context you see fit, including the services offered by Signicat (identity verification, authentication, and signing), but also independently. In combination with iDIN, SurePay can be used as one of the steps of the identity verification process to make the process as a whole more convenient and straightforward for both the user and the merchant.



Data Available

  • Address
  • Name
  • Bank account number

Integration options

  • Microservice

Use cases

  • Digital onboarding

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