There are several scenarios where the established national public key infrastructures (PKIs) add unnecessary or unneeded requirements for a given purpose. InkSign is a part of Signflow and enables you to utilize electronic signatures without the need for any external, single-purpose peripherals such as code calculators or code cards. InkSign captures the essence of real world ink signatures by collecting information and data about the user’s name in addition to a hand-written signature.

InkSign fits perfectly into a web scenario as well as an in-store scenario where the customer previously would sign a bunch of papers which would then need to be collected and manually processed. All of the information is packaged into a PDF result, containing both the signer’s name and signature as well as the original document. This result – the SDO (Signed Document Object) – is digitally signed to prevent any form of tampering after the signature has been applied. The SDO contains all relevant data in human- as well as machine-readable form, and can be used to instantly implement signed agreements to any document or customer management system.



Use cases

  • Electronic signing

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