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mojeID Poland

mojeID is Poland's bank issued electronic identity scheme.

It is developed by KIR- Poland’s clearing house- in cooperation with 15 major Polish banks. The banks act as identity providers.

Using mojeID enables companies and public administrations across Europe to remotely verify a Polish person's identity using his bank details in 20 seconds. This opens up a wide array of use cases such as remote customer onboarding, secure logins, verification of bank details and age verification of Polish customers.

With 98% of electronic banking users in Poland already using mojeID, companies across Europe can have trusted interactions with almost 22 million Polish users (citizens and residents with a valid national identity number) 

  • Verify an identity in

  • e-banking users in Poland with mojeID

  • MojeID users



  • Quick, secure verification of Polish identities online

  • eIDAS and AML/KYC compliant

  • Improve customer conversion rates through frictionless onboarding