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Local IdP

Local IdP (“Lokal IdP” in Danish) is an authentication method for authenticating corporate customers in Denmark, primarily public sector institutions

Local IdP which stands for “Local Identity Provider” is a trusted digital identity solution developed by the Danish Agency for Digital Government (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen) in Denmark. A Local IdP allows an organisation to locally issue digital business identities and login credentials to its employees.

Close to 120 organisations in Denmark, primarily Municipalities and large organisations use Local IdP to issue digital business identities for their employees.

Much like MitID Business, employees of an organisation can use these credentials to login to external websites and sign electronically on behalf of their organisation if the website provides an option to login via Local IdP.

Providing Local IdP as a login option

Signicat’s Local IdP solution allows service providers such as payment and insurance companies to provide Local IdP in addition to MitID Business as a login option on their website.

This allows public sector customers such as employees of Danish municipalities the flexibility of logging in to websites and signing agreements on behalf of their organisation even if they do not have MitID Business credentials. In addition, it provides users the convenience of using the same login to access their organisation’s internal systems as well as external websites that support Local IdP.

Without a Local IdP login option, organisations that have implemented Local IdP instead of MitID Business will not be able to login to a website.


  • Secure and trusted login

    Organisations need to adhere to strict NSIS certification standards set by Digitaliseringsstyrelsen to issue business identities

  • Improved flexibility

    Allow public sector customers using Local IdP instead of MitID Business to login seamlessly

  • Just one integration

    One integration supports all organizations using Local IdP

Supported use cases