Finnish electronic identity (FINeID)

FINeID (Finnish electronic Identity) is a Finnish method for the electronic identification of individuals using digital certificates — these are issued by the Population Register Centre in Finland.

Together with the local register offices, the Population Register Centre is the data controller for the Finnish Population Information System. The PRC maintains and develops the Population Information System, its data, and data quality, as well as certified electronic services. The PRC offers population information services and certificate services, and performs duties related to elections.

When it comes to FINeID, the PRC provides certificates for citizens, organizations, and the health care sector. The citizen certificate on the ID card issued by the police is the most common certificate provided, but other certificate products produced by the PRC include special smart cards and server and e-mail certificates for organisations and for the health care sector. They also issue biometric signature certificates for travel documents, such as passports.

Information gathered from, accessed 2019-01-14

Use cases

  • Authentication
  • Digital onboarding
  • Electronic signing


  • Finland

Integration options

  • OIDC
  • SAML
  • Sign API

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