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Empowering global enterprises with tailored identity solutions

Discover tailor-made global solutions that meet the toughest requirements in finance, healthcare, government, mobility and more.  

● Bespoke identity and security solutions
● Multi-country compliance for global operations
● Strategic guidance to tackle complex challenges

Let's get to work.

Over 13,000 companies worldwide trust digital identity solutions from Signicat. 

Distinctive advantages

When standard solutions fall short, choose Signicat for bespoke care and precision in meeting your unique needs.

  • Bespoke solutions

    Crafted to support global operations and ensure multi-country compliance. 

  • Regulatory expertise

    Master the complexities of stringent international regulations with Signicat. 

  • Consultative approach

    In-depth analysis to understand and resolve your unique challenges. 


Powerful consultative service offering

Count on our deep industry expertise and client-first offerings to pave your path to success. We're more than just solution providers—we're your strategic consultants in identity verification.

  • We offer tailored guidance and strategic support. Our partnership approach helps manage compliance requirements and optimise operational processes, empowering clients to focus on growth within their sectors.

  • We understand the nuances of our customers business to provide solutions that drive success.

Customer testimonials

Trusted for the most complex use cases

Trust is earned through tangible achievements. Here’s how we’ve excelled:

    "Since incorporating Signicat’s Global Solutions, our automotive services have become more streamlined, ensuring smoother transactions for our customers." Operations Manager at a prominent automotive manufacturer 

    "Signicat’s Global Solutions have significantly improved our document handling processes, making it easier for us to manage paperwork efficiently." Team Leader at a leading e-signature technology company 

    "We’ve seen a notable enhancement in our onboarding process for banking services with Signicat’s Global Solutions, providing a seamless identity verification process for our customers." Digital Banking Specialist at a leading European online bank 

    "Our partnership with Signicat has greatly strengthened our authentication process, leading to higher levels of trust and satisfaction among our users." Customer Experience Specialist at a major online payment platform 

Why Signicat?

Discover the benefits of choosing Signicat global solutions for your intricate identity verification needs

Signicat are more than just solution providers, we are strategic consultants specialising in tailored identity verification services. 

With a long-proven track record of turning consultations into scalable, effective solutions, you can be sure no requirement is to intricate. 

  • Global Solutions are engineered to support expansive global operations and ensure multi-country compliance, catering to requirements such as MFA, electronic signatures, eIDs, eIDV, data verification sources, reusable identity, and risk monitoring.

  • Navigate the complexities of stringent international regulations with ease. Trust our experts to guide you through the regulatory maze with tailored advice and actionable insights based on deep real-world experience.

  • Deep dive into your unique global identity challenges with our consultative approach. Benefit from our comprehensive analysis and strategic insights to resolve complex issues effectively.