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Suojattu kirjautuminen vesi- ja sähköyhtiöiden palveluihin

Erilaisille yhtiöille on tärkeää tarjota erinomainen digitaalinen asiakaskokemus. Jätä siis salasanat pois, ja anna asiakkaidesi kirjautua sisään palveluihisi turvallisesti ja kitkattomasti.

Edut käyttäjälle

  • Unohda salasanat

    Unohtuneet käyttäjätunnukset ja salasanat aiheuttavat turhaa työtä asiakastuelle. Unohda salasanat ja ota käyttöösi turvallinen kirjautuminen.

  • Turvallinen itsepalvelukanava

    Korkean turvallisuustason sisäänkirjautuminen mahdollistaa erilaisten prosessien automatisoinnin.

  • Single Sign On

    Yhdistä useita eri palveluita ja sisäänkirjautumisia yhden portaalin alle. Ja turvaa se vahvalla tunnistautumisella.

Turvallinen ratkaisu sisäänkirjautumiseen

Signicat Express API:n avulla sähköyhtiöt voivat tarjota asiakkailleen suojatun sisäänkirjautumisen ilman salasanoja. Todennus tehdään käyttämällä sähköisiä tunnistusmenetelmiä (eID).

Suojattu sisäänkirjautuminen on helppo upottaa mihin tahansa asiakasportaaliin – mikä taas tarjoaa kitkattoman ja turvallisen käyttökokemuksen loppuasiakkaille, mahdollistaa automaation ja itsepalvelun sekä vähentää saapuvia unohtuneiden salasanojen pyyntöjä.

Why do utility companies need authentication solutions?

With the utility industry in the spotlight, it’s crucial to provide a streamlined user experience. Customers expect to follow their own electricity and gas consumption online and keep track of usage. Both to keep their costs down but also to contribute to a smarter and more sustainable society.

For example, look at the new electricity meters, prepared for digital services that can help your customers find household's energy thieves. By activating the HAN port (Home Area Network) in the meter and connect using smart home equipment, your customers can check different data in no time.

Secure authentication from Signicat will help your customers keep track of important events and helps drive customer engagement.

Find your Authentication solution

Choose the authentication solution that fits your business needs.

  • Express API

    One REST API for all your basic authentication needs.

    • Simpler use cases
    • Nordic contries
    • All authentication methods
  • Enterprise

    Fully customized solution with the highest level of compliance and support.

    • More complex use cases
    • European (and Nordic) countries
    • All authentication methods
    • Mobile Authentication solution

Signing solutions for utility companies

Our digital signing solutions reduce time and costs spent on manual signing processes and improve compliance, as well as the user experience for customers and employees.
You can be sure of who signed when and what.

  • Legally binding digital signatures

  • Reduced security and compliance risks

  • Higher stakeholder satisfaction

Easier, faster & safer signing for utility companies

Signatures from Signicat hold up in any court and cannot be tampered with. They ensure that your processes meet legislative requirements of both signing and authentication regulations, as Signicat is eIDAS certified and is using approved standard formats in relation to signing.

By offering integrations to more than 30 national eIDs, we provide compliant authentication based electronic signing almost anywhere in Europe. We also have solutions for those who don’t currently have a national eID

Also, The administration of sensitive data in letters or papers with personal data lying on desks are avoided and the digital process will leave a better impression of the company as being up to date. Thus increasing chances of positive outcomes of agreements with potential partners, employees, and customers.

Why should utility companies use eID’s for signing?

At Signicat, we bundle signing with identity verification so you can be 100% sure of who signed and when. It makes life better for everyone involved, it’s faster, saves money and is extremely user friendly, both for B2C and B2B.

The digital signing process allows utility companies to get rid of manual signing processes and the benefits are many:

  • No more printing, scanning, emailing, or even worse, posting customer contracts. Not to mention that the customer can avoid the same tedious process.

  • Free up time spent on administration tasks, since this process is digital and can be offered in real-time, 24/7.

  • Your customers are up and running in no time.

  • Contracts are safely stored and can be retrieved in seconds. No more paper storage that takes up unnecessary office space.

  • The signing solution can also be used internally at utility companies when handling employee contracts (HR).

Choose your signing solution

Choose the electronic signing solution that fits your requirements:

  • e-Signing portal

    Simply log in and get legally binding signatures now without any integrations.

    • Up to 5 signatures/month for free!
    • Optimal user experience
    • Legally binding signatures
  • Express API

    All your basic identity needs from one point of integration.

    • Less complex use cases
    • Nordic eIDs
    • APIs, SDKs and tools
  • Enterprise

    Fully customized solution with the highest level of compliance and support to fit your unique needs.

    • More complex use cases
    • European identity methods
    • Integrate with business processes

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