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We are moving our Customer Portal to the new Dashboard

Within the next few months, we will be shutting down the current Customer Portal, and moving over any and all relevant functionality to the new Signicat Dashboard. The Signicat Dashboard will get a brand-new look and feel, and improved performance. All existing Customer Portal services, functionality, configuration and data you have today will exist in the new Dashboard.

# Why are you doing this?

The current Customer Portal will soon be sunset, and our development efforts as a company will go towards the new Dashboard. The new Dashboard should offer better user experience for you.

# Does this amount to any changes to where my data is hosted?

All your data is still hosted on your current hosting provider. However, you will need to sign a new T&C and DPA, as you will have the option to create accounts on the new hosting platform. This would be purely in sandbox mode, and will not in any way change your setup on the existing platform.

# Is my data deleted if I am late to onboard myself to DTP?

No. Your data will not be deleted. The Customer Portal will eventually be shut down, and all of your data and services will be waiting for you in the new Dashboard.

# Are all Customer Portal services available on DTP?

With the exception of the ability to view your support tickets in the Customer Portal (email support is still fully available according to your price plan), all current services are available on DTP.

# Is there any new functionality available on DTP?

You will be able to use the new and improved user access management tool.

# I’ve heard about this “DTP migration project”. Is this the same thing?

No. Your services are still hosted on their current hosting provider. However, all customers, migrated or not, are now being offered the same frontend dashboard to manage their services. This means that when or if you choose to migrate, you will already be in the new dashboard, and only the backend migration will be necessary.

Any questions? Please address them to with subject line: “Customer Portal Migration”