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Vahva tunnistaminen ilman salasanoja

Toimitamme palveluna vahvoihin tunnistusvälineisiin perustuvaa asiakastunnistamista kuluttajalle kätevillä tunnistusvälineitä, kuten suomalaisilla pankkitunnuksilla.

Edut käyttäjälle

  • Kaikki pankkitunnukset yhdellä integraatiolla

    Palveluna toimitettu vahva tunnistaminen vaatii vain yhden integraation, ja saat kaikkien pankkien tunnisteet ja mobiilivarmenteen käyttöösi.

  • Kuluttajien suosima

    88 % suomalaisista käyttäisi pankkitunnuksia tunnistautumiseen verkossa, jos he saisivat valita (lähde: Traficom).

  • PSD2 SCA

    Vahvat tunnisteet täyttävät PSD2 SCA -vaatimukset.

A comprehensive platform that connects you to all the Finnish electronic identities

The Finnish Bank ID, also known as the Finnish Trust Network (FTN), is an electronic identity that is widely accepted in the private and public sector.

FTN is made up of a number of trust services that adhere to the Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Signatures. As one of these trust services, Signicat acts as an identity broker for Finnish businesses, providing access to the Finnish Trust Network through its approved, strong authentication solution.

The benefit of this solution is that the customer can make use of Signicat’s digital identity hub to give the end-user their choice of provider through a single point of integration and a single agreement.

Signicat's electronic identity brokering service makes it easier for organizations to implement digital identity verification, secure authentication and electronic signing in their online services, introduce new digital service concepts and simplify electronic identity management infrastructure.

All electronic IDs with one integration

Signicat as an FTN accredited broker provides you access to all identity provider services, which allows you to comply with requirements for Strong Customer Identification when onboarding new customers, securely authenticate returning users and entering into contracts by allowing the user to identify themselves with their chosen identity provider.