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When choosing an e-signing solution, the foremost criterion for Volvo Lietuva was an easy-to-use user experience. "It is crucial that the solution would work for our business, not the other way around." – Dalia Stasiūnienė, CFO of Volvo Lietuva.

– The solution enabled us to remove archiving premises and install comfortable meeting rooms instead of them. By signing documents electronically, we’ve already saved tons of paper packaging. Hence Dokobit helps us achieve an essential goal – saving natural resources.
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Dalia Stasiūnienė


Sales and maintenance for new and used trucks providing Volvo Lietuva like many companies in the country and around the world faced pandemic in 2021. Although the entire business environment had suddenly changed and uncertainty about the future filled in the air, neither life nor work stopped. Stacks of documents and contracts still needed to be signed, so the company’s employees faced the situation calmly and flexibly – they set up temporary workplaces at home, printed and scanned the contracts, and sent them to clients and partners.

That was not particularly convenient or efficient, so the transition to a smarter, faster, and more secure way of signing contracts with clients was immediately implemented. Most employees had some experience with Smart-ID and Mobile-ID e-signatures. In addition, even before the unexpected pandemic, the company did market research and looked for suitable solutions to digitise and optimise the signing of documents.

Volvo Lietuva customers and business partners are based in various cities and countries; some were digitally advanced, and some only approved documents signed by physical signatures. One of the company’s main challenges was to introduce and encourage customers to use e-signing solutions, showing the advantages of saving time and natural resources.


When choosing an e-signing solution, the foremost criterion for Volvo Lietuva was an easy-to-use user experience. “It is crucial that the solution would work for our business, not the other way around. We presented the solution to our team and trained them, so the integration went smoothly and quickly. We sign documents according to the principle of four eyes – one document requires two signatures”, says Dalia Stasiūnienė, CFO of Volvo Lietuva.

The Dokobit Portal by Signicat has caught Volvo Lietuva’s attention due to its simplicity. The ability to assign documents to different functional categories has helped to create a clear structure. User reports have brought more clarity and transparency to the day-to-day signing processes. It is also convenient that you do not need to send a copy of the document or a reference by e-mail. When creating a document for signing, the list of signatories is visible, and the system sends automatic messages. Dokobit also offered the possibility to adapt the external customer interface according to the style requirements of the brands represented by Volvo Lietuva.


Volvo Lietuva now uses Dokobit for signing internal documents: authorisations, orders, employment contracts and contracts with customers. Having switched to e-mail, the signing solutions company highly appreciates the time saved, which used to require much more for the signing of documents and logistics. It also values a reduced need for paper orders and document archiving facilities. Having reduced the use of paper to the necessary minimum, the company has already installed two booths for face-to-face meetings or telephone conversations in place of the former archives in the Vilnius office.

Other advantages of the solution are more efficient signing of contracts and optimization of resources. Now managers do not need to go to the client and send documents to other cities of the country through courier services or the post office. This helps save money, and employees’ time and reduces the use of company cars. In addition, contracts can be signed not only with Lithuanian clients or business partners but also with colleagues at the head office in Gothenburg, Sweden – this greatly facilitates and speeds up the process for all parties signing the contract.