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Identity methods

Norwegian BankID API
BankID API Norway
Swedish BankID API
BankID API Sweden
NemID API Denmark
MitID API DK (Coming soon)
Finnish Trust Network API
FTN API Finland
Mobiilivarmenne API
Mobiilivarmenne API Finland
Buypass API
Buypass API Norway

Signicat Enterprise Solutions

Need integration with 30+ European electronic IDs, highly bespoke solutions, special compliance requirements or volume and multi-product discounts?

Secure, scalable cloud solutions

Signicat Express offerings are delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which is reliable, secure, scalable and flexible. Our solutions reside in cloud environments that scale endlessly at low cost. Signicat handles upgrades and new releases, giving you peace of mind that the services you consume are up to date, stable and reliable.

Secure authentication

As more of daily life is moved from the physical world to the internet, many businesses need to know who they interact with in an efficient and secure way. With Signicat solutions you can build login procedures using industry standard OpenID Connect protocol or REST. Signicat Express fits your use case and security requirements with Nordic national eIDs, SMS OTP and social media methods of authentication.

Electronic signature

With Signicat’s signature services, you can easily let your customers sign contracts, declarations, forms, and other documents using digital signatures. Signicat signature services are web-based, and can be integrated in your website, app or business system using our REST APIs or SDKs. Signicat offers different mechanisms for signing, depending on your business requirements.

Identity validation

Signicat’s identity validation services allow you to validate and monitor data from your customers, whether they are natural persons or organizations. These services are offered through a single point of integration. Signicat’s API returns normalized data from carefully selected sources, making it easy for you to interpret and use the responses regardless of the source.

Express APIs pricing


2495 NOK

Per Month

  • 1 product
  • 1 market
  • Best effort SLA uptime
  • Public cloud (Azure)
  • Community support

Transaction prices (e.g. Norwegian BankID, NOK):

  • Authentication: <500: 2,65 / >500: 5,30
  • Signing: <500: 15,00 / >500: 20,00


3995 NOK

Per Month

  • 1 product
  • 1 market 
  • Best effort SLA uptime
  • Public cloud (Azure)
  • Community support

Transaction prices (e.g. Norwegian BankID, NOK):

  • Authentication: <3000: 2,55 / >3000: 5,10 
  • Signing: <3000: 13,00 / >3000: 15,00


5995 NOK

Per Month

  • Up to 2 products
  • 1 market
  • Best effort SLA uptime
  • Public cloud (Azure)
  • Email support

Transaction prices based on volume

“We use Signicat’s API solutions for both secure identity verification and signing. The APIs are well documented and it’s easy to get started with integration.”

Developer friendly

Excellent documentation is just a small part of providing a great developer experience. We also provide a wide range of tools and services helping you before, during and after deployment.

Our developer dashboard, status page and community support are among the tools and services we provide to developers, reducing time-to-market, minimizing troubleshooting and giving you peace of mind.

Get started in minutes

At Signicat we take pride in making developer-friendly APIs that are well-documented and easy to integrate. We have a great track-record of getting companies up and running in record time.

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