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Webinar: How to compliantly store, seal and secure your data

The GDPR regulation, the AML & KYC/KYB landscape, and the new EBA guidelines, to name a few, are placing a compliance burden on many businesses just like yours and creating a need for digital processes to store and manage data and consent.

Let us ask you a question.

Can your company honestly say 'yes' to all of these statements?

  • We have a complete and updated database of all our GDPR consents.
  • We would pass a data audit from a government agency with ease.
  • We can provide our customers with fast and accurate proof of their actions/transactions when having disputes.
  • We are storing all sensitive data safely and securely.
  • We never keep sensitive data longer than required by law.

If no, then allow us to introduce you to our Digital Evidence Management (DEM) services. 

Watch the recorded webinar with Signicat experts Jon Ølnes and Martin Theodorsen, as they introduce DEM – an audit service offering from Signicat that provides a simple API-based solution for safe storage and management of consent and transactional data.


Agenda & central topics

  • GDPR and other European data regulations
  • Introduction to Digital Evidence Management
  • How to handle consents and transactions
  • How to pass data audits and data disputes
  • Timestamping & securing your data
  • Case study
  • Q&A