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Exciting developments in the world of onboarding, fraud prevention, and risk orchestration technologies!

Join us in this webinar while we explain our plans for this great union and how your business can benefit with the latest technology in data orchestration for identity, customer and business onboarding and fraud management.

We recently announced that we’ve acquired UK-based anti-fraud and identity technology company Sphonic to create one of the strongest identity ecosystems globally. This includes identity solutions to support customer onboarding, authentication, e-signing, fraud and risk management to protect banks and other customers against fraud, financial crime, and money laundering.

Key topics include:

  • Why Signicat acquired Sphonic and the strategy behind our joint offering
  • How Signicat and Sphonic offer totally unique and disruptive identity and anti-fraud technologies on the market
  • How Sphonic leverages nearly 100 of the world’s leading data and technology providers
  • The market growth and industry trends in risk orchestration technologies
  • How a joint solution will improve the quality of data and increase client insights to make an onboarding decision
  • What are the most important digital tech considerations when solving your customer onboarding and compliance challenges