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Digital identity made easy with Signicat Identity Broker

User-friendly identity platform to connect and manage eIDslike iDIN, DigiD, eHerkenning, and itsme–including a self-service portal for easy configuration.


  • European reach

    Connect with 30+ electronic ID methods from one point of integration.

  • One stop shop

    Combine with solutions for e-signature, ID document scanning or registry lookup services.

  • Future proof

    Benefit from new identity methods and services, now and in the future.

One connection. Endless possibilities.

Signicat Identity Broker comes pre-integrated with the broadest set of identity methods available. Connecting to Signicatmeans you can securely identify millions of European customers using more than 30 identity methods.

Secure login

Go beyond username and password. Offer secure login to your customers with authentication methods that fit your security requirements –from electronic IDs to biometrics and more –without compromising on user experience.

Full control with self-service identity portal

Our self-service portal, My Signicat, gives you a secure and user-friendly interface to manage and configure your identity services. Want your customers to log in with iDINor eHerkenning? Or link a new application? My Signicatmakes it easy.

Learn more about MySignicat

Power up for full AML/KYC compliant onboarding

Combine Signicat Identity Broker with Signicat solutions for electronic signature, ID document scanning, liveness detection and registry lookup services to deliver fully AML and KYC/CDD compliant customer onboarding – plus boost conversion rates.

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    • User-friendly identity platform
    • Self-service portal (MySignicat)
    • Easy configuration of eID connections
    • Monitor user statistics