PSD2 compliant Strong Customer Authentication

Today's consumers expect service at one click, while PSD2 regulations for Secure Customer Authentication can slow things down. Signicat offers PSD2-compliant authentication without compromising user experience.

PSD2 compliant Strong Customer Authentication

Today's consumers expect service at one click, while PSD2 regulations for Secure Customer Authentication can slow things down. Signicat offers PSD2-compliant authentication without compromising user experience.

What do PSD2 and SCA mean for you?

PSD2 – and its requirement for strong customer authentication – will have an impact on all online services and apps involving payments.

PSD2 – or the second Payment Services Directive – is EU regulation that governs how we make payments online. According to PSD2, nearly all transactions require Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), including at least two of the following:

1. Password or PIN

1. Something the customer knows such as a password or PIN

2. Smartphone

2. Something the customers have like their smartphone or a hardware token

3. Fingerprint

3. Something the customer is such as a fingerprint or facial recognition scan

Many services struggle to strike a balance between meeting SCA requirements and maintaining low friction in their apps to ensure high engagement from customers. PSD2-compliant authentication solutions from Signicat help.

Signicat’s solution is ideal for:

1. Banks


2. Card issuers

Card Issuers

3. Fintechs


4. Ecommerce Merchants

Ecommerce Merchants

Primary use cases

Ensures user friendly PSD2 SCA compliant customer transactions for:

1. Card Transactions

Card transactions

2. Account-to-Acount

Account-to-account transactions

3. Account Information

Access account information

1. eID-based authentication

eID-based authentication

Leverage more than 30 electronic ID schemes for strong authentication

2. Mobile authentication solution

Mobile authentication solution

Leverage mobile technology to optimize UX while delivering PSD2 compliant authentication

3. Support for additional authentication methods

Support for additional authentication methods

Meet SCA requirements for multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Compliant, User-friendly Mobile Authentication

Fully compliant
Our mobile authentication solution, MobileID, is fully compliant with PSD2 SCA and 3D Secure V2.2.

Great user experience
MobileID authentication provides a user experience to maintain or increase transaction success rates with mobile app while using 2 factor authentication (2FA) with biometrics or PIN + possession.

Secure Software as a Service
With in-app mobile SDK and a single API to access different Electronic IDs (eIDs)

Simplified Implementation
Delivered either via a stand-alone mobile app or SDK, MobileID can be delivered in partnership with payment solution providers to simplify set-up and reduce deployment time

Additional benefits include:

  • Secure log-in to mobile and online banking
  • Security shield for mobile banking app

Additional Services


Mobile-Based Customer Onboarding

Quickly and efficiently onboard customers via your mobile app while satisfying KYC and AML-compliant identity verification through the use of 3rd party Electronic Identities or using electronic document scanning and verification.


Reduce friction with electronic signing

Legally binding, app-based electronic signing for additional bank services, such as loan agreements or securing additional consent.

Turn your mobile app into a PSD2-compliant loyalty and engagement driver

Download the eGuide to discover how you can leverage biometrics to deliver strong customer authentication to meet regulatory requirements or replace notoriously problematic passwords.

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Cross-border Secure Customer Authentication

Signicat helps you manage regulatory complexity through one platform by connecting to identity services in your current and future markets across Europe. Signicat connects with over 25 national eID (electronic ID) schemes, meaning you can require users to log in via a range of registered and managed ID schemes, providing an unrivalled degree of trust.


PSD2-compliant mobile authentication with MobileID

Signicat MobileID couples PSD2-compliant SCA with great user experience for the end user. By leveraging fingerprint technology or Apple Face ID for authentication, you can cut login time to less than 3 seconds, while significantly reducing cost associated with each authentication transaction.


Multi-factor authentication to meet PSD2 requirements

Adding multiple factors into an authentication session ensures the customer is who they say they are, meeting SCA requirements Signicat offers a number of authentication factors, such as mail OTP, hardware tokens, smartcards and video assurance.


For developers

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