Preservation archive

Prevent fraud, ensure the validity of a document that has been signed electronically, and guarantee that documents have long-term validation.

Preservation archive

Prevent fraud, ensure the validity of a document that has been signed electronically, and guarantee that documents have long-term validation.

A focus on electronic document preservation

Electronic signatures don’t last forever, and so it is important that electronically signed documents contain Long-Term Validation (LTV) information.

By working with Signicat, you can ensure all electronically-signed documents can be validated in years to come.


Long-Term Validation (LTV)

LTV ensures that signatures embedded within documents can be verified long into the future.

electronic seals

Electronic seals (eSeals)

A seal is added by a legal person (i.e. an organization) and requires no human interaction, making them useful for integrating with business systems.

automatic actions

Automatic actions

In addition to storing documents, we offer automatic re-sealing of documents to periodically ensure security.

advanced fraud-1

Advanced fraud protection

Electronically sealing a document once signed helps prevent fraud, ensuring the validity and integrity of the file. The eSeal functionality means documents3 such as invoices, diplomas, certificates, or updated terms of service from service providers can’t be tampered with.

Qualified timestamping-1

Qualified timestamping

A trusted timestamp is a central component of Long-Term Validation (LTV). Signicat is a qualified authority—in line with the EU’s eIDAS regulations—and can certify digital documents as existing at a certain point of time, without the possibility of backdating. This means the authenticity of digital documents can be trusted for even the most sensitive of uses, far into the future.

As a Qualified Trust Service Provider, Signicat is one of a select few companies who can use the EU Trustmark and is part of the EU Trust List.

business certificate seals

Business certificate seals

A business certificate is proof that an organization is really behind the signatures and seals. Signicat cooperates with certificate issuers, which assist in the process of issuing such certificates. Certificates will be installed in the HSMs (secure cryptographic hardware). Whenever a signature or seal is created, the certificate be used to identify the business, so that anybody, regardless of where they are, can verify it.

Securely sealed agreements

Signicat offers a preservation archive that can securely seal agreements, contracts, and documents collected as part of the identity verification process.

Our Preserve product offers:

a secure document

A secure document archive

electronic sealing

Electronic sealing of documents


Functionality to open, edit, and reseal documents


For developers

Head to our developer site to connect to our APIs, test against electronic IDs, and discover more about archiving and preservation.

Electronic signatures are the future. But how to leverage their full potential?

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