Identity Assurance as a Service (IDAaaS)

Online assurance for regulated businesses throughout Europe.

Identity Assurance as a Service (IDAaaS)

Online assurance for regulated businesses throughout Europe.

Identity assurance for regulated industries

We deliver a comprehensive solution to enable online assurance for regulated businesses in Europe, compliant with your KYC and generic AML4 requirements. Our solution is efficient, effective, and secure.

enhanced solution

An enhanced solution

Traditional verification has needed to be done in person—by presenting themselves at a branch, for example—or by sending documentation through the post. Signicat’s digital solution is faster, more efficient, and less costly.

removing a hurdle

Removing a hurdle

Verification in the past has been a hurdle to the acquisition of new customers, but Signicat’s solution has removed this obstacle. This improves customer experience as well as increases conversion rates.

IDAaaS in 2 minutes

Watch the video below to learn more about IDAaaS solutions from Signicat.


Cross-border Digital Identity Hub

The Signicat platform includes a Digital Identity Hub, which connects the fragmented landscape of electronic identity at national and EU levels. We provide a common API that clients can integrate with, connecting them to numerous eIDs, registry lookups, social logins, and other technologies. Consequently, through a single point of integration, clients can bridge their websites or mobile apps with the diverse identity assurance methods or technologies available in each country, and increase the assurance level as required.

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020-funded initiative

Signicat’s innovation relies on the integration of different tools for identity assurance to help companies comply with legislation, while simplifying a user’s online onboarding through one-stop-shop. The IDAaaS solution complements the current eIDAS ecosystem, and has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Identity assurance methods

There are currently an array of assurance methods available, including:


Automatic verification of official ID documents

national eid

National eID providers


Access to an existing account


Registry lookups (for example PEP lists)

residential address

Derived identities, for example from Mobile Connect (GSMA)

video interview

Video interview

derived identities

Proofing of residential address


For developers

Head to our developer site to connect to our APIs, test against electronic IDs, and discover more about archiving and preservation.

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