Electronic signatures

For secure, simple and streamlined signing of electronic documentation

Electronic signatures

For secure, simple and streamlined signing of electronic documentation

An advanced electronic signing solution for the modern age

Electronic signatures allow customers to make a legally-binding agreement online.

These signed documents can then subsequently be delivered to the correct parties quickly and efficiently. This process minimizes the need for paper documentation, ensures greater levels of transparency and traceability, and leads to a significantly lower abandonment rate.

customer first

Putting the customer first

Streamlining the process ensures that the process for signing documents digitally is fast, secure, and can be done almost anywhere.

levels of security

Increased levels of security

Electronic signatures are a simple and cost-effective way to ensure customers’ identities are secure.



Our solution supports signing across a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

verified signing

Verified signing

Through our Digital Identity Hub, we can confirm that every user is who they say they are. We connect to more than 20 public eID schemes, as well as social login (Google, Facebook). We can also validate the user through registry lookups, passport scanning, live video detection, and more.

archive and seal documents

Archive and seal documents

Signicat can securely archive documents, sealing and resealing them, while also timestamping and preserving them in a fully protected way. This ensures that documents can be easily stored and located, and can be simply accessed by relevant parties.


B2B signing with Signicat Business Signature

We offer a flexible, secure electronic signature solution designed specifically for business-to-business document signing. The solution supports multiple signers, sign forwarding, signing rights lookup and Business Certificate Seals.


Signing integrations with your CRM

We offer CRM integrations that allow you to track your signatures with ease. We connect with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and can quickly add new CRMs should they be required.



InkSign is Signicat’s method for signing physically on digital devices. This can be combined with our other signature methods, in combination with a SMS-OTP, identity paper upload, or as a standalone solution. InkSign is easy to use and incredibly effective, particularly in scenarios where users are physically available.

Legally binding

Our electronic solution ensures that the signatures you receive are legally binding, and compliant with a number of regulations, including:

electronic signature

EU Directive on Electronic Signature


Timestamp Protocol (RFC 3161)


eIDAS Regulation


Policy requirements for time-stamping authorities (ETSI TS 102 023)






For developers

Head to our developer site to connect to our APIs, test against electronic IDs, and discover more about archiving and preservation.

Electronic signatures are the future. But how to leverage their full potential?

Download this eGuide to discover how integrated identity verification in electronic signatures work, and how you can use them to digitalize paper-based processes.

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