Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP)

Create your own ‘identity on demand’ services to better engage your customers

Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP)

Create your own ‘identity on demand’ services to better engage your customers

Create your own digital identity platform

Based on a decade of experience working with eIDs, not to mention hundreds of customers requiring trusted digital identity, Signicat has developed the Signicat Digital Identity Service Provider (DISP).

This is a one-stop-service for digital identity, offering ‘identity on demand’ services for Signicat’s customers regardless of geography or eID, with all information and agreements collected in one access point.

give customers more

Give customers more

A DISP ensures you can extend, expand and improve your customers’ relationships.

strong customer auther

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Signicat has been doing Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for over 10 years, and our clients can outsource the SCA task to Signicat’s DISP.

Reusable digital ID

Reusable digital ID

Make your customer's profile a reusable ID across trusted services.

disp advantages

DISP advantages

People are demanding more from the online services they use, and that means companies need to put additional focus on keeping data secure. For organizations that already have this data, such as financial institutions, mobile operators, and insurance companies, the opportunity is there to provide value added services. Launching a DISP offers the chance to extend your customer relationship through:

  • Improved customer relationship
  • Increased cross-sell/up-sell
  • Offering revenue-generating partner offerings
  • Streamline adoption of new services and meet growing consumer demand


All-in-one digital identity ecosystem

We provide our customers with flexible solutions for electronic signatures and seals. The increase in digital communication puts higher requirements on ensuring secure document transfer. Signicat supports this by ensuring document origin, integrity, and non-repudiation.

optimized user

Optimized user experience

A DISP ensures a superior user experience for authentication and signing, which ensures a high success rate for the end-users. This is especially important with the increasing frequency of using SCA. Being able to deliver a smooth SCA user experience is an important competitive parameter for banks, and a reason for a customer to choose one bank over another.


For developers

Head to our developer site to connect to our APIs, test against electronic IDs, and discover more about archiving and preservation.

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