Digital identity verification

Bring trust to the relationships you build in digital channels. Increase conversions with real-time, AML- and KYC-compliant, identity verification based on electronic identities (eIDs) and ID document scanning.

Streamlined digital onboarding

Easy and fully digital identity verification is critical for success in digital channels. Integrate automatic identity assurance as part of your onboarding workflow to provide a great user experience and higher conversions.

What we offer

Our solutions are designed to make our customers’ lives simpler and more secure.

Higher conversions

Maximise conversion rates by offering customer enrolment in digital channels.

Improved user experience

Offer a streamlined experience by offering a simple, fully digital identity verification.

Compliance with AML and KYC

Identity verification methods that meet requirements for KYC and AML

Cost efficiency

Fellow Finance saw a 35% reduction in onboarding costs with Signicat.

Reduce fraud

Identity verification reduces risk of fraud and saves you money.

Cross-border support

Onboard customers around the world using different verification solutions.

Flexible digital onboarding options

With the Signicat Digital Identity Platform, you can select the identity verification method best suited to begin your onboarding. Through our validation offering, you can further enhance customer data at the time of onboarding or at a later stage.
Electronic Identity (eIDs)

Document scanning

Video interviews

Social logins

Verified electronic identities

Achieve the highest level of identity assurance with eIDs, which are convenient for the end user. Signicat connects you to supported electronic IDs.

ID document scanning

Electronic identity document verification services offer real-time identity verification combined with liveness check.

Video interview

In some markets, regulations insist upon a live, video-based interview to confirm identity. The Signicat Platform includes a video identification solution that can be built into your workflow.

Social login

For those looking for a lower assurance, quicker onboarding solution, Signicat provides integrations with the most common social login providers, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, Paypal and Windows Live.

Integrated compliance

When verifying user identity with an eID or eIDV, you will achieve compliance with KYC and AML regulations.

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“It’s not easy to find a partner that shares the same mindset, but Signicat was able to visualize the future in the same way.”
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